Simple Solutions For Effective Action

Complexity and uncertainty impact us all. Individuals, organizations, and communities are constantly changing all around us. Adaptive Action is a reflective process that guides you to take action in times of uncertainty based on three questions: What? So what? Now what? These questions lead you to observe carefully, see the patterns that create uncertainty, explore and consider your options and implications and take action to move forward.


Observe the dynamics and look for the patterns creating uncertainty in your current situation.


So What?

Better understand your current situation and explore the options and implications for moving forward.


Now What?

Move out of your feeling of being stuck by taking effective action based on what you learned through the first two steps.


Through Adaptive Action You Will:

  • Understand the sources of uncertainty in your chaotic world
  • Explore opportunities for action and their implications as they occur
  • Learn a simple process that cuts through complexity
  • Transform the work of individuals, teams, organizations and communities
  • Take on any challenge—as large as a strategic plan or small as a messy meeting
  • Take action to improve productivity, collaboration and sustainability

Recognize these "Sticky Issues?"

How can we prepare for our future?

Innovation has stopped.

Our Team doesn't work together productively.

We never make any progress, we only spin our wheels.

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