What is Adaptive Action?

Adaptive Action is a three-step planning process developed by Glenda Eoyang and Royce Holladay through their work at the Human Systems Dynamics Institute.

In their book, Adaptive Action: Leveraging Uncertainty in Your Organization, Eoyang and Holladay provide a deeper understanding of the Adaptive Action framework and clear protocols to support it.  The book includes nine case studies from professionals who used Adaptive Action to meet personal, professional and political challenges. HSD Associates addressed many “sticky issues,” including leadership, consulting relationships, Alzheimer’s treatment, systems evaluation, education reform, political advocacy, and cultural engagement. 

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About Glenda and Royce

Glenda H. Eoyang

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Glenda discovered the roots of complexity in human systems and gives them away every day. Her research revealed the underlying dynamics of chaos, and her practice invented models to explain it and methods to influence it.

In 1986, Glenda began to use these principles herself and to help others use them, too. In 2000, she named this field of study and action as human systems dynamics (HSD). She consults, facilitates, coaches, and teaches in public and private organizations around the world.

Royce J. Holladay

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Royce is a master scholar practitioner. She brings her profound insights to life in her writings, coaching relationships, and teaching/learning engagements. She began her professional life in schools, where she transformed people and institutions. Today, she uses human systems dynamics to help others build their capacity to transform themselves, their colleagues, and the communities they serve.

About Human Systems Dynamics

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Student: "Does this mean that we never have to be stuck? Are you saying that, no matter what happens, we can always do something that will move us forward?"

Glenda: "Yes, that is what we are saying."